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Adler Construction & Realty
Providing Real Estate Services to Texas for Over 33 Years

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About Us

Adler Construction & Realty has provided real estate services to San Antonio and all of Texas since 1969. We will assist you in whatever type of real estate transaction you are doing. Adler Construction & Realty is a fully licensed Texas mortgage broker and carries Texas Mortgage Broker License number 9722.

Home Loans

If you in Texas and want a new home mortgage loan, to refinance your loan, an equity loan, to carryout home improvements, consolidate your debt, or any other related transaction, Adler Construction & Realty can help.


We have the LOWEST FEES in Texas! Apply online for your free NO OBLIGATION loan quote today! Or call us at 1-210-344-2870 to apply by phone.

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Property Listings

If you are looking to purchase a home in San Antonio then Adler Construction & Realty can help you.

Private Mortgages

We can also help those who are looking for private mortgages to recondition, remodel, or refurburish a house. Please contact us today!

Real Estate Investment

Also, if you are looking to invest in real estate notes in San Antonio and other parts of Texas, we would be more than happy to share information on our available programs. Please contact us at your convenience.